Monday, December 9, 2013

How Weight Loss Benefits Your Sex Life

People from all over the world want to know how weight loss benefits sex life. There are many reasons to lose weight such as improving your health, sex life, self-esteem, and others. I am going to talk about some of the reasons why losing weight might benefit your sex life.

Weight Loss Benefits Sex Life – Some Reasons

The improvement in your sex life is a strong reason to lose weight. Researchers have found a mix of results when it comes to the relationship between sexuality and obesity. First off, depression and obesity are related. Clinical depression is increased in obese men and obese women. Depressed people are less active in terms of sex, and obesity might stop you from engaging in a riskier sexual intercourse. Obese women are less likely to use contraceptives, which will affect their sexual lives negatively, according to a study made in France.

weight loss benefits sex life

Weight loss themes must be included in sexual functioning topics, according to some scientists. Obese women are more likely to suffer from menopause issues, infertility, contraception, and unwanted pregnancy, according to researchers working at St. Louis University. I am going to talk about men now. If you are an obese man, you are at risk of suffering from what is known as buried penis syndrome, which is a condition in which your penis is hidden under the tissue found above your public area. Weight loss is the solution to this problem, but surgery can get rid of it as well. I must tell you that you are more likely to suffer from difficulties when penetrating women or erectile dysfunction if you are overweight.

Weight Loss Benefits Sex Life By Creating Better Self-Esteem, Mobility and More

Weight loss benefits your sex life because depression problems are highly reduced when you lose weight. Happy people are prone to have more sex than those with depression issues. However, you need to eat healthy and do some exercise to avoid the problems that come with low testosterone levels – I am talking to men in this case. Poor erections and reduced sex drive can be the result of low levels of testosterone, according to a recent study made in Texas by endocrine professionals. Obese men with diabetes have a high risk of suffering from low levels of testosterone. If you are a man and want to increase your testosterone levels, you should eat a healthy diet and do some exercise – 150 minutes per week will be fine. You will see that your testosterone levels will increase overtime. However, this result is not guaranteed but you should give it a try at least.

Weight Loss Benefits Sex Life – Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is another important thing to have in mind, because it can improve your sexual life, according to a recent study. This improvement is not guaranteed for you, but 53% of the participants in the study saw improvements. You may get an improvement in sexual satisfaction, desire, lubrication and arousal after the second year. Furthermore, depression symptoms might disappear, and your overall quality of life will improve. Moderate weight loss – eight to thirty pounds – will improve your sexual satisfaction and functioning. Your libido will improve along with sexual enjoyment and frequency of intercourse. Weight loss can improve sex life, but it does not mean that obese people cannot have great sex. You will have less risk of diabetes – which comes with sex-impairing issues. Men with diabetes are more likely to suffer from erection difficulties, and women will have issues with sexual sensitivity and vaginal lubrication.

People with overweight issues may suffer from self-confidence problems. You need to dress in an way that is attractive to the opposite sex and go to social events to meet new people with a smile in your face. You have to get the confidence that comes with losing weight or being in shape. You will feel more attractive for the opposite sex, and your sexual desire will increase because you will have more contact with people that you like. Balanced hormones are essential for your sex life, and you will have a balance in this area when you lose weight.

Obese people need to lose weight if they want to see some improvements in their sex life. However, these improvements are not guaranteed but the results that might come are worth a try. You know more about how weight loss benefits sex life, but you need to take action.

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