Monday, April 14, 2014

Eat More Protein to Build Muscle, Gain Strength and Lose Weight

I’ve always asked my followers and fans to eat more protein to build muscle. There’s a primary reason for this encouragement. The moment protein enters your body, it starts working on your waistline. High protein foods always take more time to digest, metabolize and mix into your bloodstream.

Due to this, your body burns more calories to process them. In addition to this, protein rich foods also take longer to leave your body. Thus, you feel full for extended periods. The cumulative effect of a high protein diet has some obvious benefits for any individual looking to lose weight, and get rock hard abs. 

Eat More Protein to Build Muscle and Gain Strength 

eat more protein
According to a recent study, dieters who increased their protein intake to about 30% of their diet ate around 450 fewer calories every day. They were also able to lose over 10 pounds in a standard 12 week study without using any other dietary measures. In addition to this, if you want to burn more calories, but not muscle, protein rich foods will be your perfect choice. Unlike other methods, protein helps you burn fat without losing muscle.

Protein contains amino acids to build lean muscle mass. This not only makes you stronger and toned, but also burns calories even when you’re resting. Most importantly, this increases your metabolic rate and makes sure your body burns fat faster. 

However, it is important to understand that not all proteins are equal. While whole grains, nuts and vegetables are considered to be good sources of protein, they don’t contain all the amino acids your body needs to build lean muscle mass. Protein rich foods containing all the amino acids are called complete proteins. These are typically animal products. 

Therefore, your best flat stomach bets will be skinless white turkey or chicken, low fat dairy, seafood, lean beef and pork tenderloin. All these foods have just 1-3 grams fat per 50 calorie serving. 

Eat More Protein to Build Muscle with These Foods

There are many foods which can help you build lean mass, and help muscle recovery. A protein diet plan should include many different kinds of protein-rich foods. Some of the most common ones include meats, nuts, fish, eggs, yogurt, milk, vegetables, beans, legumes and cheese. These protein-rich foods can be perfect for protein diet plans.

Exercise - Heavy Weights

With an appropriate diet plan, you also need a proper workout regime. Protein not only helps you build muscle, but also supports muscle recovery. When you’re working out with heavy weights, you need something to repair your tissue and boost energy levels. Protein is perfect to accomplish this task.

When your muscles are broken down after a heavy weights workout session, protein can bring them back to life. According to studies and researches, there’s nothing more important in your diet than protein. With a high protein diet, you can expect muscle maintenance, workout recovery and muscle growth.

A major part of your protein diet plan should include different types of protein-rich foods. These have already been mentioned above. On the other hand, protein supplements like the cookie diet by SmartforLife® can be a quick, convenient and easy way to consume more protein to build muscle. 

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